2018 ABANA Conference in the books!

The 2018 ABANA Conference was awesome! Because the conference was held in Richmond, VA this year, our team was able to road trip the 6+ hours to participate in the forging competitions, observe multiple demonstrations, and camp on the grounds, where we met and learned from some of the best smiths in the world. We also spent time with friends from Hereford College of Arts, who always help us refine our own techniques and further develop our approach to ongoing education for both our team and our interns.

Big CONGRATULATIONS to Matt and Annie who participated in the forging competitions held throughout the conference, and brought home gold, silver, and bronze finishes.

Chain Making open division: Matt 1st place; Annie 2nd place
Tong Making open division: Matt 1st place; Annie 3rd place
Welded Spatula open division: Matt 2nd place

So what is ABANA? And, perhaps more importantly, how can you get involved? ABANA, or the Artist-Blacksmith Association of North America, began as a group of 27 like-minded blacksmiths, and has since grown in size to 4,000+ members.  Through workshops, publications, and networking & demonstration events, ABANA brings together some of the best minds in blacksmithing, and forces us to interact, forge, and learn with each other. In a world of "learning by clicking", the hands-on, face-to-face time with each other is invaluable. There are lots of ways to involve yourself with ABANA- memberships and donation opportunities are available through their website, along with an event/conference calendar, online marketplace, and resource library. To learn more, check out ABANA's website by clicking HERE.
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