To many, blacksmithing is an antiquated craft with no modern relevance, other than perhaps shoeing horses, which we all know is a farrier's trade. But for me, and the team here at Robert Thomas Iron Design [RTID], bringing this ancient craft back from the dead was a dream. My first major step toward achieving this goal was attending Hereford College of Arts in Hereford, England. Locally, we are happy to support and work closely with the American College of Building Arts [ACBA] in Charleston, SC. I am proud to have recent graduate and valedictorian, Tyler Bickerstaff, as part of our team, paving the way for future ACBA  interns to help us attain our vision. Utilizing our broad scope of talents in the arts, as well as engineering, our team of accomplished smiths are forging a path in the modern day for this old-world trade. We've built an impressive portfolio of sculptural art, functional art, architectural giants, elegant lighting fixtures, custom furniture, and hand-forged hardware. The aesthetic we achieved cannot be replicated by machine or simple fabrication. Our designs incorporate both historically accurate and contemporary unique elements, helping to distinguish RTID as one of the modern artistic greats in today's world of blacksmithing. Basically, we try to just stay a step ahead by staying a step behind. Check out this video for more of my story, to view the workshop, and see how the forging process happens.

Blacksmithing, FORGED in Charleston 

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