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FORGED Hardware, We Don’t Screw Around: Introducing FORGED Iron Shelf Brackets

We all know that saying, “it’s the little things that make a difference,” and at Robert Thomas Iron Design, we think so too. Ever change the towel color in your bathroom? Or buy a bright red appliance for your kitchen? Small changes, like incorporating designer steel hardware, can transform the feeling of an entire room and add a sense of personal style to a space in a bold way.  At RTID, we think anything iron is awesome, and hand-forged, heavy duty shelf brackets are no exception. We are excited to introduce a new line of designer iron shelf brackets to the FORGED collection by RTID. Our collection of heavy duty shelf brackets includes traditional and simple forged metal and decorative...

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One of the most gratifying aspects of being a blacksmith is the having the ability to make your own tools. Most of the time, we make our own tools out of necessity, but sometimes it’s just for fun. When we come up with a new design for a piece, we almost always have to make custom tooling to build it since there isn't a “forging” section in the tool department at the local hardware store.  In olden days, blacksmithing was called the “master trade” because the blacksmith was responsible for making all the tools for the other tradesmen, as well as his own. Today, the ability to make our own tools still gives us a great sense of pride. And...

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