The Washington Post! And, Robert's an author?

Today's been a big day for us! The Washington Post printed an article about our ironwork and how we’re working to change the perception of blacksmithing today. You can check out the Washington Post article here!  
Also today, Robert's book is ranked #1 New Release in Metal Work on Amazon! The article above also mentions Robert's book, The Art and Craft of the Blacksmith: Techniques and Inspiration for the Modern Smith. The concept of this book has been an idea in Robert's head for a while now. Often looking for resources himself, Robert wanted to create a reference guide for skilled craftsmen. At the same time, our now publisher was looking for a how-to, crafts-book, specifically within the blacksmithing trade, perhaps geared more towards the hobbyist. Meeting somewhere in the middle, The Art and Craft of the Blacksmith came to be, and has been very well received so far. We're thrilled with the feedback. If you're not a blacksmith, craftsperson, or artisan of any kind, take a minute to flip through the pages anyway. The photos in this book will blow you away!

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